Solar Car Air Freshener Rotating Aromatherapy Diffusing

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[Product name] : Automotive solar power 360° rotating perfume diffuser ornaments
[Product color] : silver, black, red, gold
[Product size] : Perfume base diameter :6.5cm* Overall height :6.5cm* Length :6.5cm
[Product material] : Aluminum alloy
[Product net weight] : about 150g
[Gross weight] : about 200 grams
[Product packaging] : color box
[Package size] : about 14 x 10 x 10cm
[Applicable models] : All vehicles are general
[Product use] : Let the air in the car play a fresh role
[Fragrance] Cologne/lemon/osmanthus/ocean/lavender
[Product features] : continuous fragrance, sun rotation quickly, beautiful appearance
[Installation method] : Install in the position of strong sunlight
[Product function] Mosquito repellent, refreshing, sterilization, fresh air, in addition to odor, aroma, decoration

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