Astronaut Starry Sky Galaxy Projector USB Powered Multi Color w/Remote Control

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Difference between plug-in version and rechargeable version:

--Plug in version: It can work only when the power supply is connected all the time.
--Rechargeable version: Built in 1800mah battery, recyclable charging.No need to connect to the power supply all the time, it can be used anywhere through the battery. (Of course, it also supports plug-in use.)

Appearance design:

  1. Unique and novel astronaut appearance, "astronaut" shares the beautiful and mysterious nebula it has seen, and takes you to explore the vast galaxy and starry sky.
  2. The astronaut’s head, which can be rotated 360° with magnetic attraction, allows the nebula to be projected anywhere without restriction.
  3. The astronaut’s lunar base is detachable, the arms can be moved, and various poses can be taken, which is also a good decorative ornament.

Projection effect:

  1. 8 kinds of beautiful and mysterious projection effects, you can fix your favorite projection effects or cycle different projection effects.
  2. Adding green stars, the constantly twinkling stars make the projection even more amazing. Of course, the "Green Star" can be turned off individually through the remote control.
  3. The moving Nebula projection makes it look more stereoscopic, and the moving speed and brightness are adjustable.
  4. It has a 45 minute or 90 minute timed off mode. You can safely use it while sleeping.

Usage scenario:

It can be used as a home atmosphere decorative light and a cool toy ornament, and it is also the best choice as a gift!

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