Outdoors Warm Gloves (Touch Screen Enabled)

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New and Improved Design.

#1 Gloves for Fall and Winter Season.

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Ideal for:

  • Cycling
  • Riding
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Running
  • Outdoor Sports

    Main Features:

    1- Keep warm, for autumn and winter.
    2- Windproof design.
    3- Touch screen, easy to use the phone, no bulky.
    4- Shockproof, Anti-slip, Breathable


  • Windproof and splash-proof
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Soft velvet lining
  • Cotton, Lycra, Nylon, Silicone blend
  • Dense joints
  • Anti-slip silicone palm
  • Anti-drop buckle
  • Elastic wrist


This winter, whether you’re out running errands, a challenging cycling course, or heading to work, keep your hands warm, dry, and comfortable in a pair of these sleek modern winter gloves. Form-fitting (no more annoying bunching or “mitten hands”) and built with non-slip grip lines across the palm and fingers, they also have a convenient hidden secret in the index finger and thumb tips: conductive fabric that keeps you in touch with your tech devices.


High-Density Fabric Design

With knit-style gloves, harsh winter winds easily slip through stitches and leave your hands feeling chilly, even when they’re covered. Our dense fabric keeps cold, icy breezes out, and a tapered wrist ensures that the warmth continues right into your jacket’s wrist cuff. This design also means that the gloves will keep their shape throughout the season, without the stretching and sagging, gapped wrists that inevitably occur with knit gloves.


Touchscreen Compatible

Warm winter gloves should provide consistent comfort when temperatures drop: pulling your gloves on and off every time you need to text or call defeats their purpose. That’s why we’ve designed the index and thumb tips with a special conductive material that registers on smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices. So go ahead, scroll through social media while you’re outside, or answer an important work call: your gloves can stay on, so you stay cozy, even when it’s icy or snowy outside.


Velvety Interior Lining

Just because warm winter clothing is necessary doesn’t mean it can’t be pleasant to wear too! You’ll love the sleek feel of the velvety lining inside the gloves - not only is it soft and pleasant, it makes the gloves easy to slide on as well, and won’t irritate dry, sensitive winter skin like some allergenic fibers and weaves do.


Durable, Waterproof Exterior

When winter comes around, you’ll inevitably find yourself needing to sweep snow off of your car windshield, or brush off flurries from your jacket. Make sure that chilly melted moisture stays away from your skin with our sleek touchscreen-compatible winter gloves: the exterior is waterproof, so melted snow, ice, and rain simply slide off to leave you dry and comfortable: no more soggy winter gloves!


Non-Slip Grip

Just because these gloves keep your hands warm and dry doesn’t mean the world around you isn’t slippery. Don’t risk dropping something because it’s been snowed or rained on: there are dozens of anti-skid texture pads built into the palm and fingers of each glove: whether you’re grabbing an ice scraper for the car windshield, the handlebars of your bike, or a commuter pole on the subway, you’ll get a perfect grip every time - no matter how wet, icy, or slushy it may be.


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