600W/750W Electric Hand Held Spray Gun 4 Nozzle Sizes

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Option: 750W Spray Gun
Plug Type: US plug
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Alloy tip + ABS strong plastic
Working Temperature:
SGY-005Unadjustable temperature (430℃)
N-108(Adjustable temperature (260℃-480℃
Power: 60W
Voltage: EU/US plug 220V/110V, 50HZ
Rated with a diameter of 0.8-1.2mm tin line.
Soldering Iron Tip:900M Series

  • 900M series soldering iron tip, fast heating, durable,easy to replace.
  • Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, can be replaced, easily assembled and dismantled.
  • High-quality ABS plastic shell, holding comfort, long-term operation will not fatigue.
  • Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use.
  • With power switch, more energy efficient and safer.Power cord is soft, can be bent, more durable.N-108
  • Adjustable temperature,260-480degrees celsius,meet different welding needs.
  • Internal heating soldering gun,It can prevent users from being burnt by high temperature
  • The side door design makes it easy to view the internal operation and easy to replace the heating core.
  • Can be operated by one-handed, to view the tin situation at any time, not easy to make mistakes.
  • Scientific design, not easy to stuck.
  • With a suction tin device, more convenient.
Product Content:
1 pc Solder Tin Gun(Green or Black or Red)
1 pc Suction Tin Device
1 pc Solder Wire
2 pc Tweezers(fine tip curved,fine tip straight)

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