Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine

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1   Smooth and light weight body ( 86g )
2   Ajustable speed control : 0-35000 RPM, low vibration
3   2 Way rotation: forward/reverse mode, great for left handers
3   Easy to operate: just insert the drill bit to machine
4   Aviation aluminum alloy, fast heat dissipation
5   Ideal for beauty salon, beauty student, home use
Specifications for Set 35000 2 way
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: rose gold
Ouput Voltage: Direct current 12V
Output Current: 2000mA
Speed: 0-35000 RPM
Power: 20W
Shank: 2.35mm
Cable length: 85cm+35cm
Pen Size: Approx. 13*2.5cm
Pen Weight: Approx. 86g

Product Content
1 x Electric drill Machine handpiece
1 x Power speed control(EU,US,AU,UK; choose by country)
6 x nail drill bits plus 6 sanding bands

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