Adjustable Loading Weights Jacket

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Weight vest for more effective fitness: Compared with no-load exercise, weight-bearing exercise helps you get better results during the same time period, which can effectively improve the metabolic rate, increase muscle strength and volume, and reduce fat.

Always keep a good balance: The hook-n-loop design at the chest and waist hold the vest firmly in place, no shaky during movement, won't mess with your balance during exercise or training, allows you to run or bend down as usual.

Choose weights you can bear: Adds up to 33 pounds of resistance. Designed with 32 pouches to hold steel plate gives. And you can choose how heavy according to your personal needs. It is recommended to gradually add the weights up to the maximum weight rather than jumping right to the heaviest.

Widened shoulder strap: Widened shoulder straps evenly disperse shoulder pressure, make it more comfortable to wear and less hurt on your shoulder.



- Made from quality mesh fabric and cotton lining.

- Soft and breathable to ensure maximum comfortable wearing.

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