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Remove Ear Wax Tools is a hot ear cleaner silicon ear spoon tool set of 16pcs ear care soft spiral tools cleaner to remove ear wax

The tips of these ear wax removers are made of silicone. Adopting 2.5cm elastic material design, long enough to remove earwax and protect the ear without demaging the eardrum. It's safer and more effective than other cotton swabs.

Only need to tighten the handle in the direction of the arrow to remove ear wax. The soft silicone rotating head not only has the function of cleaning the ear canal, but also has the function of massage.

When you feel tried, earwax remover can bring you another comfortable epxerience. Simply put the silicaone head in the ear canal and twist the handle in the direction of arrow: you can easily wash them with water after using.

The tools to ear wax remover is very suitable for adults, teenagers, children, the elderly, etc., to help children get rid of the painful experience.

Everyone of every age can use the q-grips earwax removal tool. You can use it alternately or for family members


  1. Quickly absorb the internal organs of the ear, and suck the dirt into the dirt bin of the machine while sucking
  2. Designed with 2.5cm elastic material to protect the ears without damaging the eardrum, safe and reliable
  3. Compact and easy to use, essential for home travel
  4. Equipped with 16 soft heads, easy to clean and worry-free replacement


  • Size: 22*12.5*5.4cm
  • Material: TPE+ABS
  • Single gram weight: 45 grams

Product Content:

1pc Remove Ear Wax Tools

16/pcs Silicon ear spoon



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