5X Magnifying Glass With 5.12in Diameter Magnifying Lens

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【5X MAGNIFICATION】The hands-free magnifying glass lens with diameter 5.12inch is made with the high-quality optical grade PVC (PMMA), which carries 5X optical grade magnification with high clarity and without any optical distortion. stability and flexibility magnifier for assist on small prints reading, intricate works or low vision users' daily use.

【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】The silicone-coated gooseneck is not easy to break and it's flexible to adjust with high stability. You can sit, stand or even lay on the bed when wearing the magnifier. The neck strap is both very comfortable and also holds its desired shape/orientation without problems You can orient the lens part either vertically or horizontally.



  1. Hanging around your neck;
  2. Stand magnifier on a table;
  3. Handheld loupe with the detachable lens. Designed for everyone and every occasion. Perfect for reading books and newspaper, using cell phones and tablets, inspecting objects, circuit boards, coins, stamps, maps, craft, hobbies, needlework, sewing and more.

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