Adjustable Drop Foot Orthotic Support Brace

Option: Without Ball


Help support and stabilize injured or weak ankles during activities.
Helps alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, injury, stress fracture, achilles tendonitis
Elasticity and contour design to fit feet arch and ankle shape.
One size fits most of the sizes of adult foot (above size 5), and it can be worn on left or right foot. 
Convenient and practicle foot support that works by a bendable aluminum strip at the instep position, 
the foot splint is designed to hold your foot in a flexed position.
The foot and ankle straps are completely adjustable, long enough to wrap around most feet and ankles.
Lightweight and seamless construction provides maximum comfort. 
This Support not only can be used at night while you sleep to cradles your foot, but also can be worn during the daytime when relaxing, reading, or watching TV.
Type: Drop Foot Brace (Ball optional)
Color: Black
Fit for: Ankle Braces & Supports
Material: Aluminum Strips, Neoprene
Size: One Size Fits Most (Above 5)
Product Content:
1x Drop Foot Brace
With or without massage ball as per your choice.
How to Use:
Step 1: Loosen fasteners on calf and foot straps. Slide foot through calf strap so support rests on top if foot.
Step 2: Adjust position of suppoer sp calf strap is approximately 2 inches above the ankle bone. Adjust calf strap from both sides to provide a firm, yet comfortable fit.
Step 3: Center wide portion of foot strap under ball of foot. Attach fastener on wider end of foot strap to top of support. Pull toes up, wrap remaining strap around foot and attach fastener.



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