Solar Fountain Pool Pond Waterfall

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The Floating Solar Fountain is a beautiful water fountain powered by solar energy.

A solar-powered fountain can provide peace and calm to your patio or outdoor space. You can enjoy the music of the water flowing without having to refill the fountain! This innovative design can be utilized to create a floating water fountain with the coral rock included or put into a water feature or a pool. The solar fountain is light in weight and has a stainless steel pump that lets you alter water flow using the valve above it. The overall freestanding height is 5ft 1 in tall, and its base is 24 inches in width with an overall deepness of three inches. It is constructed from premium Acrylic material that can hold the weight of 300 pounds. Pressure.

This Floating Solar-Powered Fountain is an ideal design and accent piece for your outdoor space.

It is constructed of a strong fiberglass shell, a high-quality solar panel, and a pump to ensure continuous water flow. It’s quiet and peaceful and will definitely enhance the beauty of your backyard or garden. The fountain does not require a power source, making it completely secure!

Its Floating Fountain functions as a miniature floating fountain that can be put in a pool, fish pond, or other water feature. Its solar panel is why it can generate its own power, which will keep itself moving and floating. This floating fountain makes a beautiful decoration for your gardens with a pond or water features, especially bird baths, to bring more birds into your backyard.

It is a small, floating solar fountain.

It can add a soothing sound to your garden or backyard. It’s also a wonderful gift for lovers of gardening. The fountain is floating on water and continues to run continuously. It can be used for decoration or simply to relax and have fun!

The floating fountain in your pool is an attractive and distinctive feature to add to your décor. Put it in your pond for fish, or use it to create a classy look for your pool. Take in the sounds of water dripping down the basin and the relaxing impact on the people.

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