Anti Age Mask Face Skin Tightening Lifting Device Facial Beauty Machine



Product parameters

Skin-friendly material: silicone
Massage Principle: Vibration
Power supply: USB
Color: black
Features: Adjustable head circumference, touch screen switch, vibration massage, USB charging design, deep sea magnet, rubbing acupoints, silent design
Efficacy: Improve blood circulation, relieve stress, relax body and mind, improve sleep quality, protect vision health

Touch eye protector

Multiple modes
Efficient massage
Effective eye protection

To fatigue and prevent myopia

Touch screen on
Wireless start
Adjustable head circumference
touch screen switch
vibration massage
charging design
deep sea magnet
rubbing acupuncture points

4 major effects

Improve blood circulation
Helps oxygenate the eyes and clear the collaterals, giving a natural look
Relieve stress and relax
Relieve eye pressure and fatigue
Improve sleep quality
Massage relaxes body and mind and improves sleep quality
Protect vision health
Enhance lens accommodation and reduce visual impairment

6 Highlights

Silent noise reduction
rubbing acupuncture points
touch screen switch
wireless design
deep sea magnet
charging design

Kneading and pressing acupoints

Dysmenorrhea activates collaterals, soothes the mind and refreshes the mind, improves eye fatigue

Smart touch screen one key to open

Unique touch screen switch, easy to operate

Wireless is easy and convenient

Get rid of the shackles of wire and pipe, one-button operation

High frequency vibration massage

Multi-frequency vibration promotes blood circulation and restores state

Deep sea magnet acupuncture

The principle of magnetic therapy acupuncture, combined with vibration massage

Silent noise reduction

Intimate mute, quiet massage

Rechargeable design

High efficiency, high energy and environmental protection
1 hour is full

Product Size

Product details

Adjustable head circumference
The head circumference is adjustable and can be used by any group of people
Antibacterial silicone + magnet
The deep sea magnet is equipped with antibacterial silicone, giving you a healthy and comfortable massage experience

touch switch
Touch screen switch. Easy and fast to use
charging socket
Equipped with USB cable and plug, charging - full in an hour

Product Content:

  • eye massager
  • packaging box
  • Instruction Manual
  • vision test chart
  • data line
  • spare magnet

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